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  Nature preservation
Nature preservation
Since 1998 Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. (thereinafter SEPS) has been co-operating with the Group for research and protection of raptors and owls (SVODAS) and since 2002 has been the member of the

Association of industry and nature preservation (APOP).

The purpose of APOP is to harmonise industrial activities with nature preservation requirements. APOP associates representatives of business, local governments, national institutions, while using their professional knowledge and experience in the field of environment formation and protection.
SEPS employees co-operate with SVODAS during inspections of transmission lines by monitoring the close vicinity in relation to endangered raptors and help localise possible nests, which are subsequently equipped with bird cots for raptor nesting - particularly the saker falcon, which has very few natural nests at present.
Related to rewarding the most significant nature-protecting deed of 2001, a diploma was awarded to our colleague Miroslav Holes for exceptional contribution of SEPS employees in implementation of the project focused on erection of bird cots in support of populations of the saker falcon and peregrine falcon. Specially highlighted was the precise work during assembling activities and selfless interest in helping save the critically endangered species.

SEPS employees handing an injured golden eagle over to a member of the “Group for research a protection of raptors and owls”, which was found during an aerial inspection of ultra-high voltage line.