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About the company
The Company´s mission
The mission of SEPS is to operate the transmission system reliably, to provide for the dispatching control of the system, its maintenance, renewal and development so that the reliable and quality supply of electricity to all transmission system users is ensured, as well as its parallel operation with the neighbouring transmission systems.

The transparent and non-discriminative principles of access to the system with the minimal environmental impacts must be observed and the requirements arising from the national and European legislation, from the decisions on regulation issued by URSO (Regulatory Office for Network Industries) and from the relevant rules of operation and international cooperation of the transnational synchronous interconnected power system of the EU must be respected.
Our ways bring energy to you
Company name
Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. (SEPS) is not only a group of initials of the complete company name – it is hiding attributes of customer services provided by the Company:
  Safety Effectiveness Progress Stability
Our logo
The colours of our logo include: white - silver - green
 logo SEPS White is the colour of light – the visible form of energy
Silver represents the colour the steel structure’s coating
Green expresses our positive interaction with the environment.
Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. (Slovak electricity transmission system, Plc.) was registered as an independent legal entity on 21 January 2002 and acts as the transmission system operator in the Slovak Republic.