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Strategic goals

The Company´s vision

“We want to be internally balanced and economically stable; we want to move forward in terms of knowledge and technology, to be the company externally acting as consistent and active that will strengthen its position of the full-value and respected entity in the domestic and international environment.”

Verbalization of the Company´s values

„We know that ...
reliability brings safety,
safety requires responsibility,
responsibility assists transparency,
transparency promotes cooperation,
cooperation results in understanding,
understanding supports progress,
progress favours ecology,
ecology means life,
life designates future
... and we want to assist.“

„We know that our strength is in our line“
(-line meaning the power line, -line meaning the line management of the company, -line meaning information and knowledge, -line meaning the leadership in creation of the market in electricity)

The main objectives of the Company

The main objectives of SEPS are:
  • Safe and reliable operation of the Slovak transmission system.
  • Control of the system´s operation and provision of balance in line with the conditions and recommendations resulting from international cooperation within ENTSO-E.
  • Optimization of costs of operational and investment activities and achievement of reasonable profit to be used for the system development.
  • Establishment of correct relations with the customers based on non-discriminatory principle.
  • Maintenance and improvement of contacts and cooperation with the other interconnected systems.
  • Enforcement of SEPS position within ENTSO-E.
  • Long-term meeting of the needs of our customers and partners on the market.
  • Representation of the transmission system operator in the international organizations and support of the Slovak Republic´s interests.
The Company uses the following methods to achieve its main objectives:
  • Replacement of the physically and morally obsolete equipment by the new equipment through simple recovery of the existing equipment,
  • Upgrade and increase in efficiency, safety and reliability of the existing equipment by installation of the modern elements, by introduction of the new technologies,
  • Construction of the new equipment in line with development of the whole society and increasing needs of the market in electricity,
  • Increasing the safety and reliability of the transmission system operation through application of N-1 criterion in those areas, where this criterion is not met yet,
  • Detection and preventive removal of potentially problematic areas,
  • Monitoring of the supranational synchronous interconnected power system on the European continent, mainly through ENTSO-E association, comparison with the similar transmission system operators in the EU and in the world,
  • Monitoring of the scientific and technological development and use of the latest knowledge resulting from the world scientific and technological progress.The Company´s vision