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Free marketable capacities

Transmission Capacity for Cross-Border Electricity Exchanges on the profile Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (SEPS) / WPS

Available Transmission Capacity for April 2020

Direction Capacity
from SEPS 400
to SEPS 400


  1. Value of cross-border capacity from 5.4.2021 to 9.4.2021 is 0 MW for both directions. (Line 400kV V440 V.Kapušany – Mukachevo is disconnection)


  • Available Transmission Capacity is capacity guaranted during all month, i.e. for all planned operating condition of transmission network including loop-flows and physical flows excepted disconection of line by reason of regular maitenance and in cases of "Force Majeur".


  • Values are valid from SEPS side.
  • Values for both direction are valid independently from each other