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Damas Energy
Damas Energy is an Internet-based system used for automatization of business and technical processes in the power grid of the Slovak Republic. It provides flexible communication between the transmission system operator and the other market players - electricity producers, local and foreign traders, electricity wholesale customers, or providers of ancillary services as well as the efficient communication among internal users. Every day Damas Energy provides bidirectional transfer of both business and technical data, processing and evaluating the data. In addition, Damas Energy communicates with neighbouring TSO´s IT systems in order to mutual data exchange.

Document for downloading

Title Document Size
User Registration Form User_Registration_form.xls 233 kB
Entity Registration Form Entity_Registration_form.xls 226 kB


SEPS has prepared a complex of technical means allowing no-failure operation of a daily process of diagram`s sending and an administration of daily auctions on the cross-border profiles to ensure a cross-border trade after 01.01.2004.

Document for downloading

Title Document Size
New form in DAMAS - Confirmation of electricity imports System_Services_Fee.doc 170 kB
List of certification authorities supported by Damas system List_of_supported_certification_
23 kB
Annoucement - 17. July 2006 - Report on trial days MAVIR_SEPS_TrialDay_v2.0.doc
Test certificate - TestUnien.pfx
51 kB
3 kB
Damas Operation Rules
XSD schemes
1,3 MB
6 kB
Annoucement - 14. June 2006 - Report on trial days Announcemt_2006_06_14.doc 43 kB
The schedule for the delivery and evaluation of transmission requests within the Intraday Harmonogram_S.doc 34 kB
Annoucement - 31. March 2006 - System inaccessible from 7. April 2006 to 10. April 2006 Annoucment_2006_03_31.doc 23 kB
Annoucement - 6. March 2006 - Report on trial days Annoucment_2006_03_06.doc 48 kB
Annoucement - 5. April 2005 - Daily allocation on the SEPS/PSE-O cross-border profile AnnouncementPSE-0_2005_04_05.doc 20 kB
Annoucement - 30. March 2005 - Daily allocation on the SEPS/PSE-O cross-border profile Notice_2005_03_31.doc 20 kB
Annoucement - 16. February 2005 - Daily allocation on the SEPS/WPS cross-border profile Notice_2005_02_18.doc 20 kB
Standard Contract governing the access to the Transmission System and the provision of transmission services by the Transmission System of the Slovak Republic in 2005 Contract_2005
286 kB
102 kB
124 kB
Annoucement - 1. October 2004 TestingOperation.doc 20 kB
Extension of Damas on Profiles SEPS/PSE,
Damas-profiles.doc 26 kB
Examples - XML files Schedule_Document_nomination_using_
3,4 kB
3,4 kB
Bid_Document_for_daily_auction.xml 3,1 kB